Driving Aerospace Innovation with Advanced Digital Asset Management Solutions
Digital asset management
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Driving Aerospace Innovation with Advanced Digital Asset Management Solutions

Driving Aerospace Innovation with Advanced Digital Asset Management Solutions
April 8, 2024

The aerospace industry is built on pushing boundaries and innovating to go higher and farther than ever before. As spacecraft and aircraft become more advanced with cutting-edge technologies, effective management of the large volumes of complex digital assets created throughout the engineering process is critically important. Traditional methods using file shares and documentation aren't equipped to handle today's data-driven aerospace projects.

Digital Asset Management, or DAM, refers to systems designed specifically for the organization, storage, and retrieval of digital content. DAM platforms go beyond basic file storage to provide robust metadata, metadata templates, permissions management, and workflow capabilities optimized for asset-centric projects.

This is where ioMoVo’s DAM Platform comes in. As a leader in Digital Asset Management for highly regulated industries, ioMoVo has developed a sophisticated yet easy-to-use DAM platform purpose-built for the unique needs of aerospace engineering. With ioMoVo, organizations can transform how digital work products are created, reviewed, approved, and stored throughout the product development lifecycle.

Challenges Faced by Aerospace Industry in Managing Digital Assets

Take a typical medium-sized aerospace manufacturing company as an example. They have multiple engineering projects ongoing at any given time, each producing massive amounts of technical documentation, 3D models, CAD drawings, test data, and more. Currently, all this digital content ends up scattered across various file shares, folders, and email inboxes with no centralized system to track what's where.

Locating a specific file version when needed often turns into a time-consuming wild goose chase. Critical documents can get lost or misfiled, leading to delays, rework, and mistakes. There's little to no metadata to provide context around assets. Multiple people may be working on the same file simultaneously without coordination, risking version conflicts and data corruption. Overall the disorganization causes inefficiency that impacts project schedules and budgets.

The lack of proper digital asset handling also creates compliance issues. With regulations like ITAR and AS9100 dictating stringent controls and traceability requirements, not having an auditable record of who accessed or modified which files puts the organization at risk of non-compliance fines, or audits.

Clearly, a new approach to digital asset management is badly needed. What's required is an integrated centralized system where all content is organized, tracked, and governed according to standard processes aligned with business and certification requirements. Implementing an advanced DAM platform addresses these challenges head-on.

Taking a New Approach With ioMoVo’s DAM Platform

By deploying the ioMoVo’s DAM Platform, aerospace companies gain a secure single source of truth for all engineering assets. All content - from design specs and CAD models to test plans, photos, and videos - is ingested and organized intuitively based on user-defined metadata schemas. Sophisticated metadata templates ensure consistency while allowing flexibility to meet the needs of different asset types and projects.

Intuitive browsing and powerful search capabilities make it easy to quickly locate exactly what's needed. Sophisticated permission management and digital rights allow for controlled yet streamlined collaboration both internally as well as with external suppliers and partners. Cross-departmental workflows powered by conditional routing and approvals enhance oversight and governance.

Configurable revision tracking provides full version control and an audit trail of who accessed or modified assets and when. Robust security and regulatory features satisfy requirements for compliance assurance. Advanced integrations enable a unified digital thread spanning computer-aided engineering (CAE), product lifecycle management (PLM), and other systems.

Together these capabilities address the major challenges presented by legacy methods. By transitioning asset handling to the ioMoVo’s DAM Platform, engineering teams regain control and visibility while streamlining processes. More relevant, the solution lays the foundation for a digital continuity approach that helps optimize design, testing, manufacturing, and aftermarket support.

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Benefits of Using ioMoVo’s DAM Platform

A key part of driving innovation is using the right tools to maximize efficiency and insights. This section explores how ioMoVo's Digital Asset Management platform delivers powerful advantages like accelerated workflows, improved collaboration, enhanced compliance, and reduced cost- helping aerospace engineers achieve more than ever before.

Powerful Productivity Gains

The immediate benefits organizations see after implementing ioMoVo’s DAM Platform include vastly improved searchability, reduced rework, and more efficient collaboration through a centralized source of truth. Engineers can spend less time searching and more time creating, accelerating productivity across projects:

Searching: Powerful configurable filters and full-text search with semantic understanding locate assets in seconds vs hours wasted digging.

Versioning: Automatic version control and side-by-side comparisons avoid conflicts and reduce re-work from using outdated files.

Permissions: Granular access management prevents accidental file overwrites and loss of work-in-progress.

Collaboration: Review/approve workflows and comments to streamline internal and supplier partnerships remotely.

Analytics: Usage tracking reveals asset bottlenecks, informs training needs, and justifies engineering resource allocation.

These productivity multipliers add up to significant time and cost savings. Teams complete more work faster while avoiding expensive mistakes from lost or corrupt files.

Compliance Through Structure

In addition to boosting efficiency, the ioMoVo’s DAM Platform strengthens an organization's compliance posture through its emphasis on structure and governance. By enforcing standards across the extended enterprise, companies gain confidence that their digital asset policies and certification requirements are properly addressed:

Metadata: Templates capture mandatory fields for attributes like part number, revision, material, and suppliers per regulated specifications.

Versioning: Configurable retention policies automatically archive/sunset obsolete files while maintaining a complete audit trail of changes.

Security: Granular permissions, IP restrictions, and logging satisfy ITAR controls managing export-regulated content.

Validation: Automated file checks flag issues on noncompliant metadata, file formats, or properties for remediation prior to approvals.

Traceability: Comprehensive searchable metadata and usage tracking satisfy auditable records needs for product certification and litigation support.

Process: Configurable workflows tightly couple asset workflows to production processes and procedures per quality standards like AS9100.

These levels of control and oversight ease audit pressures. Any customer or regulator requesting documentation can be confident that ioMoVo’s DAM Platform archives precisely what's needed for full regulatory compliance and product certification assurance.

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Delivering Innovation Through Integration

Beyond just improving daily workflows, a strategic DAM deployment like ioMoVo’s DAM Platform also fuels innovation through its integrations across the extended product development landscape. By forming a single connected system of record, organizations gain unprecedented 360-degree visibility and analytics to drive real-time optimized decision-making.

For Example, by Linking ioMoVo’s DAM Platform With:

CAD/CAE systems: Engineers access the most suitable design assets from anywhere within their native design environments for maximum productivity. Changes are automatically synced, maintaining a real-time unified digital thread.

PLM: Projects, BOM structures, workflows, and approvals are intelligently managed end-to-end from concept through service based on upstream and downstream asset dependencies exposed through integration.

MES/ERP: Process compliance and issue tracking improve as plant data is visible, supporting rapid corrective actions.

A Computer Vision API: Image recognition algorithms applied to 100TB+ of historical photos and documents surface insights to reduce testing, increase reliability, and optimize supportability.

Reduced Costs Fuel Growth

Perhaps the most significant business benefit of an ioMoVo Digital Asset Management strategy is hard dollar cost reduction. By streamlining processes, avoiding errors, and gaining new insight from integrated data, significant impacts are seen to both direct engineering expenses as well as indirect overheads:

• Engineering efficiency gains translate to fewer labor hours, reduced outsourcing requirements, and faster time to market. Development budgets go further.

• Less rework means fewer scrapped or modified parts, resubmitted documentation, and re-tests, lowering manufacturing expenses.

• Fewer non-conformances and changed orders cut costly supplier management and transaction fees.

• A stronger compliance culture reduces audit preparation work and the risk of non-compliance penalties and litigation.

• Equipment and material utilization increases with more right-first-time product launches.

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Empowering the Workforce of the Future

As the engineering landscape evolves towards one driven by data and analytics, the skills required by today's professionals are rapidly transforming as well. While technical expertise remains crucial, workers must also possess new "digital literacy" competencies to effectively leverage assets through technology. An ioMoVo’s DAM Platform deployment plays a key role in upskilling the aerospace talent of tomorrow.

By exposing all content on any device, the platform allows learning and problem-solving to happen asynchronously, remotely, and on-demand. Training is streamlined through instructor-guided workflows and digital catalogs. As workers become more comfortable with DAM features and capabilities, independent lifelong learning is enabled.

Meanwhile, automated administrative roles like digitizing documents are shifted off human task lists, freeing time for higher-value engineering. Analytics also guide targeted skills development by surfacing individual strengths and knowledge gaps. Overall a more self-serve, tech-empowered workforce emerges that's better aligned with industry demands.

Implementing Digital Asset Management With ioMoVo’s DAM Platform

While the benefits of a DAM strategy for engineering innovation, productivity, compliance, and growth are clear, successful adoption requires an experienced partner. ioMoVo's certified implementation methodology ensures every deployment is optimized from day one with:

• Expert solution architects conduct discovery workshops to understand current challenges and strategic objectives, designing a tailored configuration.

• Configured templates, workflows, and features are tested in pre-production trial environments before going live.

• Comprehensive training, both virtual classroom, and on-demand, equips users on all major capabilities.

• Dedicated customer success advisors establish governance guidelines and provide ongoing enablement, tuning, and enhancements.

• Integration experts interoperate ioMoVo’s DAM Platform with existing systems including PLM, CAD, and document management for a unified digital asset experience.

• Managed cloud hosting running on AWS for high availability, security, and scalability to petabytes of storage capacity.

It's this partner approach that helped ioMoVo’s DAM Platform earn the trust of leading aerospace companies worldwide, with references happy to validate successful deployments improving programs of all sizes and specialties.

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Ready to Take Your Digital Asset Management to New Heights?

Modern aerospace demands modern digital asset management. Legacy file-based methods can no longer keep up in today's complex data-intensive and globalized engineering landscape. What's needed is cohesive digital continuity to transform how intellectual property is created, governed, and leveraged across organizational boundaries.

Luckily advanced DAM technology has now emerged that's tailored specifically for highly-regulated asset-rich industries like aerospace. By adopting ioMoVo's sophisticated yet easy-to-use centralized platform, engineering teams can regain command of explosive digital growth while gaining a competitive edge toward unlocking new partnerships and revenue opportunities.

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