Benefits of DAM for Higher Education
Digital asset management
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Benefits of DAM for Higher Education

Benefits of DAM for Higher Education
February 22, 2023

There's no doubt the education sector is becoming more competitive than ever, constantly competing to attract new students and funds. When competition is fierce, having a significant digital presence is vital for driving recruitment, engaging students, and attracting donors.

However, to grow your digital presence, you will need to create more content, which often results in an overflow of assets and no scalable means to manage them.

Herein lies the value of a DAM.

University and colleges can better manage their content by using a digital asset management (DAM) system, which acts as a central library for all of their visual assets like photos, videos, graphics, logos, and more.

Choosing a DAM will maximize the ROI of your content and increase the overall productivity of your department. There are many benefits to using a DAM system for higher education, such as:

Breaking Down Barriers

It is common for IT departments and digital teams to experience barriers in tracking down the correct assets in the requested formats when asset requests come in constantly from marketing and alumni associations. Therefore, a number of universities today use DAMs to break down these bottlenecks.

With a DAM, departments and users are given access to a single media library where they can find and share approved photos, videos, and more, without having to contact their IT department. A few DAM systems like ioMoVo also include AI capabilities.

AI capabilities tag assets automatically with relevant keywords, so they can be found easily.

Secure Access

Thousands of academics, staff, students, and partners work at several universities and colleges around the country, all with different goals and demands for the school's files and brand assets.

Using a digital asset management Education system like ioMoVo, administrators may create precise permission settings to control who has access to the materials depending on their department, seniority, and other factors.

Users can set permissions manually or through Single-Sign-On services.

Immediate Access To Your Valuable Content

Universities face a number of challenges when it comes to distribution, especially when they are working in multiple locations and languages. If a brochure or piece of content is updated, the marketing team must ensure that the changes are communicated to the relevant departments.

DAM for colleges and universities allows them to make their information available to users while maintaining security, guaranteeing that users have access to the most up-to-date brochures, bulletins, reports, and recruiting materials at all times.

Asset Tracking by Individual

Almost every year, leading universities collect a flurry of photos and videos from fundraisers, lecture conferences, and commencement ceremonies. In an age when so many digital assets are collected, it is difficult to keep track of which rights go with which photos or videos.

With a DAM in place, schools can link each asset to the photographer, expiry date, and usage rights, as well as provide a link to the relevant model release, guaranteeing that no assets are used illegally.

Maintain History

Countless assets have come from various marketing channels, events, and faculties during the course of a post-secondary's lifetime, all of which add to a large media collection. A DAM system may be used to manage a current or expanding library, but it can also be used to preserve and archive materials.

Universities can simply preserve and retain images and films from each year and event using DAM, ensuring that they are safe and preserving the school's heritage for future generations.

These are just some of the many examples of how schools and universities are utilizing DAM. If you're interested in learning more about digital asset management best practices and determining whether your college is ready for a DAM, check out how digital asset management for higher education helps colleges and universities manage their assets more effectively.

If you are ready for DAM, sign up right away and get access to our exclusive features of Media Management for students. For more information, contact us.

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