Media Asset Management For Schools and Universities

Empower Your Educators and Students With Easy Access to Digital Assets

Sick of wasting precious class time hunting for that perfect video or photo? ioMoVo's MAM system can help you organize all your multimedia assets so you can focus on teaching like a boss. Our intuitive platform makes it easy to search, organize, and retrieve all your multimedia assets in no time.

Media asset management for schools and universities

Why is Media Asset Management Critical for Schools and Universities?

Create & Distribute Marketing Collateral

Create & Distribute Marketing Collateral

Manage all your campus, sporting, and event images, logos, and videos in a single media library. You can also establish access permissions for students, staff, and more.

AI-powered Content Discovery

AI-powered Content Discovery

Take advantage of Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) at a level that fits your projects and search images based on color, person count, gender, age, etc.

Collaborations with Key Audiences

Collaborations With Key Audiences

Easily collect assets from individuals, agencies, or others and distribute them to anyone with sharing links or branded portals. ioMoVo lets you create polished and curated collections for any audience.

Self-serve Access for Campuses & Partners

Self-serve Access For Campuses & Partners

Provide users with the ability to find content with advanced search through event names and programs. Users can save and share frequently used searches that include filters for asset names, color, approval status, and date.

Cloud-Based Digital Library

Store all your educational digital assets in a cloud-based library and access them with a single click.

Get cloud-based digital library
Protect your brand

Protect Your Brand

Ensure that only on-brand assets are utilized across all campuses and departments and that all images are relevant.

Capture Live Coverage of Educational Events

ioMoVo lets you capture, share, and publish photos and videos from live events. This has allowed schools to broadcast live coverage of events to parents and families globally.

Capture live coverage of educational events
Create lecture transcripts and interview transcripts

Create Lecture and Interview Transcripts

With ioMoVo's transcription feature, you can quickly and accurately transcribe audio and video files into text. Powered by advanced machine-learning algorithms, our transcription service can transcribe files in multiple languages.

Translate Course Materials Into Different Languages

Have international students in your school or university? Need to translate your course materials into different languages? ioMoVo's advanced neural machine translation technology has got you covered and ensures that your translations are accurate and high-quality.

Translate course materials into different languages

Caption Your Educational Videos

Have educational videos with many visual and audio elements, such as science experiments or art history lectures? ioMoVo's captioning service includes subtitles for speech for a more immersive experience for people with hearing impairments.


What is media asset management (MAM) for schools and universities?

Media asset management for schools and universities refers to the efficient organization and management of multimedia assets, such as videos, photos, and logos, to support educational activities.

How can media asset management benefit educational institutions?

Media asset management allows educators and students to easily access and utilize digital assets, saving time and enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

Can ioMoVo's MAM system help schools and universities create and distribute marketing collateral?

Yes! ioMoVo's MAM system enables the management of campus images, videos, and logos, making it easier to create and distribute marketing collateral to promote the educational institution.

Why is MAM important for schools and universities?

MAM can help schools and universities to save time, improve efficiency, and protect their media assets. It can also help them to more efficiently organize and track their media files, making them easier to find and share.

Can ioMoVo's MAM system create lecture and interview transcripts?

Yes! ioMoVo's MAM system offers transcription powered by advanced machine learning algorithms. It can quickly and accurately transcribe audio and video files into text, facilitating the creation of lecture and interview transcripts.

Can ioMoVo's MAM system translate course materials into different languages?

Absolutely. ioMoVo's MAM system utilizes advanced neural machine translation technology to translate course materials. This is especially beneficial for schools and universities with international students or a need for multilingual course content.

Can ioMoVo's MAM system help with live coverage of educational events?

Yes! ioMoVo's MAM system allows schools and universities to capture, share, and publish photos and videos from live events. It enables live coverage to be broadcast to parents and families worldwide, enhancing engagement and communication.

Streamline Your School's Media Management With ioMoVo

ioMoVo is designed to meet the unique needs of schools and universities. Manage and organize your educational media files with ease.