Archives and Records Management for Archivists

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Say goodbye to endless hours of searching for digital assets. With our cutting-edge record management system, effortlessly locate and manage your documents, streamline your workflow, and preserve your legacy for future generations. Join us and experience the future of archiving today!

Archives and Records Management for Archivists

Why is Record Management So Important For Archivists?

Enhanced Search Capabilities

Enhanced Search Capabilities

ioMoVo has advanced search features, allowing users to look for assets using generated keywords, dates, and other criteria. Even if there are millions of assets to sort through, finding what you’re searching for is as easy as entering a keyword and narrowing down the search using filters. These characteristics of ioMoVo give users a uniform experience.

Flexible Access Permissions

Flexible Access Permissions

Due to the sheer flexibility of a cloud-based DAM, digital archives can be accessed from anywhere on the globe at any time, but not everyone should have the same access permissions. With the aid of a DAM, companies can now create an unlimited number of user groups and customize their rights and access levels, including their ability to view, share, and download certain asset sets.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

The safety and security of your company’s archives are a top priority when it comes to preserving your history. Therefore, when archives are digitized and stored in a new digital location, archivists must ensure that they are protected with the same level of security as when kept in a physical location, something that DAM systems already do.

Controlled Access

Controlled Access

Create specific permission settings for various roles, including internal administrators and public visitors, and customize your platform to create the ideal online information repository for your company. From a secure, world-class data center, all your digital media assets are properly stored and maintained.

Preserve Your History

Digital Asset Management protects your content with long-term security while allowing your audience to discover, share, and interact with your media libraries all from one highly customizable platform.

Preserve Your History – Archive
Discover and Re-use

Discover and Re-Use

ioMoVo gives archivists and organizations access to high-quality metadata, an integral part of any thriving digital asset management (DAM) system. It supports the discovery and re-discovery of digital assets anytime, anywhere.

Get the Most Out of Your Archive ​

With ioMoVo, archive management can be straightforward despite its complexity at first glance. It meets your business's demands, allowing you to improve and rebalance current and future workflows.

Get the Most out of Your Archive ​
Engage and Activate

Engage and Activate

ioMoVo's interactive features make it easy for visitors to discover, navigate, and unlock the value of your archive. You can search huge video collections in seconds, filter results, and find key moments with a single click.

Get Customizable User Experience

From public archives to classified content, ioMoVo's DAM gives you the best flexibility for creating the perfect online media library. Our customizable app interface allows you to add your brand, blogs, shopping baskets, forms, translations, and more.

Get Customizable User Experience


What is record management for archivists?

Records management for archivists refers to creating, preserving, protecting, and sharing digital assets and documents within an archive. It involves organizing, managing, and providing access to records for archival purposes.

Why is record management important for archivists?

Records management is crucial for archivists because it allows for efficient search and retrieval of digital assets, streamlines workflows, ensures long-term preservation of valuable records, and facilitates controlled access and sharing of information.

How can ioMoVo's record management system benefit archivists?

ioMoVo's record management system offers enhanced search capabilities, flexible access permissions, advanced security features, controlled access settings, and the ability to preserve and protect historical records. It provides a comprehensive solution for archivists to manage their digital assets effectively.

How does ioMoVo's record management system enhance search capabilities?

ioMoVo's record management system utilizes advanced search features, including generated keywords and filters, to make it easy for archivists to locate and retrieve specific assets from an immense collection of digital records. This enhances search efficiency and improves the user experience.

How does ioMoVo's record management system ensure advanced security?

ioMoVo's record management system prioritizes the safety and security of archived content by providing the same level of protection as physical archives. It ensures data security through secure data centers and implements measures to safeguard against unauthorized access.

Can ioMoVo's record management system support controlled access to archives?

Yes! ioMoVo's record management system allows archivists to create specific permission settings for various user roles, including internal administrators and public visitors. It enables the customization of access levels and ensures that archives are properly stored and maintained.

How does ioMoVo's record management system facilitate the discovery and re-use of digital assets?

ioMoVo's record management system provides archivists with high-quality metadata, which is crucial for the discovery and re-discovery of digital assets. It allows for easy searching, filtering, and finding key moments within extensive video collections.

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