Real Estate Digital Asset Management Solution
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Real Estate Digital Asset Management Solution

Real Estate Digital Asset Management Solution
February 22, 2023

Today, it would be impossible to imagine real estate marketing without the use of high-quality real estate photos, virtual tours, and more recently, 3D models. To generate interest and increase sales, agents, regional teams, and industry partners must utilize these collections of rich media to their advantage. But how do you ensure that your teams and partners have the right resources at the right time? A digital asset management solution (DAM) is what real estate marketers need in order to plan and execute their digital strategies and ultimately drive sales.

  1. Why Does the Real Estate Industry Need to Access Digital Assets Anyway?
  2. Major Marketing Challenges in Real Estate
  3. How DAM Systems Can Help Manage Real Estate Content
  4. ioMoVo Use Cases for Managing Real Estate Digital Assets

Why Does the Real Estate Industry Need to Access Digital Assets Anyway?

In the real estate industry, images are absolutely critical for potential buyers to generate interest. Images are regularly used to showcase houses, offer design concepts, and emphasize context. Images are also required in every phase of a project and are frequently reused and changed for years to come.

DAM solution for real estate

After a property has been constructed, real estate companies need to produce tons of marketing collateral to ensure buyers occupy the property. This is of particular importance in housing developments and new communities. The content needed includes brochures, flyers, floor plans, signage, and branding. The primary goal is to attract qualified buyers and investors as efficiently as possible. In commercial real estate, after a unit has been leased, it must be marketed. Digital images and videos are used for promotional events, seasonal activities, office leasing brochures, retail partnership promotional material, branding activities, and much more. Not only do real estate firms require a lot of content to advertise their homes, but they also need to use a lot of different marketing platforms. The digital era has brought with it an ever-expanding array of marketing alternatives that allow businesses to deliver different client experiences. Each of these channels, however, has its own set of visual requirements. Being able to communicate with clients across different platforms, both on- and offline, requires having the correct technology in place to make existing photos easily accessible and adaptable. The cost of creating high-quality photos and utilizing modern technologies necessitates the need for a specific solution to handle them. Images are only valuable if they are easily discoverable and accessible. A major corporation with several divisions and sub-brands must ensure that everyone has immediate access to the most up-to-date content. Furthermore, the organization's complexity must be controlled with the appropriate number of rights in place for all its digital assets. Also, if you spend too much time discovering and utilizing assets, their worth may be lost. To guarantee that photos are used effectively, real estate digital asset management is necessary.

What are the Major Marketing Challenges in Real Estate?

⛔ Organizing images, videos, and 3D models for current and past real estate projects

⛔ Ensuring that all sales teams and channels are supplied with proposal and brochure templates

⛔ Improving the marketing and creative departments' coordination and turnaround time

⛔ Using press kits, news releases, and reports to communicate with investors and the media

⛔ Creating tailored content on a large scale for each project

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How Can DAM Systems Help Manage Real Estate Content?

Real estate DAM

In order to effectively advertise their properties and projects, real estate businesses require the correct marketing tools. Finding the correct real estate DAM solution to handle the massive amount of digital assets is a key component. Assets may be auto-tagged and templates can be produced with the help of a good DAM system. Property-centric DAMs simplify the marketing of real estate listings, giving agents more time to sell. Real estate businesses may utilize Digital Asset Management to discover and use their digital assets more efficiently. As a result, they can capitalize on the inherent worth of their pictures. By using the appropriate technology, businesses increase profitability and take advantage of the growing number of customer touchpoints. To find what they need, staff may access the most recent version of approved images and documents. To guarantee that they download the right format, users may select the file type, size, and quality. The volume and size of the picture and video data in the real estate business are projected to grow even more as technology evolves. Companies must ensure that they can handle the volume and complexity of their digital assets if they wish to operate effectively. DAM systems are a crucial real estate marketing tool that makes it easier to use digital assets. Here are the highlighted benefits a DAM system can provide:

1. Organize and Share Visuals Across Several Platforms

  • In a single centralized cloud library, organize property images, collateral, 360-degree tours, floor plans, and more.
  • Create user-based rights for self-serve editing, sharing, and viewing of on-brand material for localized offices, agents, and partners.

2. AI-assisted Global Asset Search

  • AI-generated objects and text recognition will add value by allowing your content to be easily discoverable.
  • Allow visitors to search for photographs using natural language to search.

3. Integrate and Extend

  • Connect all your cloud storage platforms to ioMoVo, including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Amazon AWS, OneDrive, and many others.
  • Manage all your digital assets in one platform. Copy, transfer, share, and delete files with ease. Everything will sync automatically.

4. Protect Your Brand’s Intellectual Property

  • It's simple to secure your organization's material and prevent misusing digital assets yourself – with built-in digital rights management capabilities.
  • Copyright information can be tracked, conditions of use may be applied, photographs can be linked to permission forms, and so on.

5. Extract AI

  • With AI extract, you can automatically categorize your images, and files and auto-tag them.
  • Add a description to the image, file, or video and make it easier for global search whenever you want.

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ioMoVo Use Cases for Managing Real Estate Digital Assets

Let's look at a few specific use-case situations that illustrate how ioMoVo can help:

Collaborating on Global 3D projects With an Agency

Challenge: A worldwide commercial real estate giant engaged a specialist firm to create a library of 3D materials. The firm immediately recognized they needed a system that would allow them to collaborate on these types of creative projects, as well as exchange and discuss 3D models and data with the company's internal departments. Emails containing enormous media files were failing to arrive, the marketing team lacked access to AutoCAD software to evaluate 3D files, and there was no common search mechanism to categorize materials for projects that spanned decades.

Solution: To address these difficulties, ioMoVo developed a cloud-based digital asset management platform for archiving, managing, and sharing 2D and 3D Revit, CAD files, and architectural assets. Photography, movies, 3D models, suggested construction plans, and collateral are now provided as a simple link to a project or collection of files, and any content may be evaluated directly in the user's web browser.

Providing Multiple Branch Offices With Corporate Assets

Challenge: A real estate company with several regional offices and sub-brands must guarantee that all employees have access to corporate assets such as logos, presentation templates, contracts, and investor documentation that are consistent with the brand. Each area, however, needs not only access to its own territory but also designated administrators and authorization frameworks for accessing and altering content.

Solution: As a result, a multi-library structure was implemented in ioMoVo, resulting in the creation of dependent libraries under a corporate umbrella. Every office now has access to corporate assets, and the IT department has administrative and supervisory authority over the whole library. Individual offices and sub-brands have their own content library, as well as administrators, asset curators, and even taxonomies according to their office's specialization. This real estate business can guarantee that its assets are easily accessible and organized for everyone within the corporation by using digital asset management.

One-click Access and File Transformations

Challenge: The number of requests to convert files or provide business logos is one of the most common complaints from marketing and creative departments in any industry, particularly real estate. Instead of focusing on new revenue-generating ventures, up to 35% of the time is spent fulfilling these requests.

Solution: Implement a digital asset management system such as ioMoVo with an unlimited number of users. Everyone – workers, agencies, and public relations teams – has access to the approved subset of the company library with a DAM. All members of the team may access the most recent versions of authorized pictures, brand assets, and collateral. Furthermore, customers may choose the file type, size, and quality necessary and download it in the correct format. With these advantages, marketing becomes more productive, and consumers are delighted to be able to discover any graphics, video, or material they want at any time. To discover more about how digital asset management may help real estate marketing and creative teams solve challenges, schedule a demo with our team, or sign up for a free trial to explore how it can help you extend your digital strategy.

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