Legal Teams

Digital Asset Management for Legal Teams

Organize, Secure, and Streamline Your Legal Assets

Manage and secure your digital assets, including contracts, agreements, and other legal documents. Our user-friendly interface allows you to quickly search, access, and share files securely, saving time and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Digital Asset Management for Legal Teams

Why is Digital Asset Management Vital
For Your Legal Teams?



DAM enables legal teams to quickly access and share files with team members, clients, and other stakeholders, eliminating time-consuming manual searches.



Legal documents often contain sensitive information that needs to be protected. DAM provides security features such as access control and encryption to ensure that confidential information remains safe.



Legal teams must ensure that they comply with relevant laws and regulations. DAM can help with compliance by providing audit trails, version control, and retention policies that ensure legal documents are stored and managed appropriately.



DAM allows legal teams to collaborate more effectively by enabling multiple team members to access and work on the same documents simultaneously, no matter where they are.

One Place for All Your Legal Assets

With ioMoVo's DAM, you can store all of your digital assets in one centralized location, making it easy to find what you need when you need it. Say goodbye to sifting through multiple folders and servers to find a specific document.

One place for all your legal assets
Transform your legal audio into accurate text

Transform Your Legal Audio into Accurate Text

ioMoVo will automatically transcribe court proceedings, depositions, interviews, and other legal files. We also ensure your transcripts are accurate, timely, and formatted according to your specifications.

Make Your Legal Content Accessible to All

Our automated burn captioning feature ensures that your video and audio content is accessible to all, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing. We provide captioning in multiple languages and formats, guaranteeing your content meets accessibility standards and legal requirements.

Make your legal content accessible to all
Translate your legal proceedings into multiple languages

Translate your Legal Proceedings into Multiple Languages

With ioMoVo's automated translation feature, you can translate legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, and court documents, into over 100 languages. We ensure our translations are accurate, culturally appropriate, and formatted to meet your needs.

Protect Your Photos and Your Business

With ioMoVo's automatic backup feature, you can rest easy knowing your photos are safely backed up and protected from loss or damage. Plus, you can access your backup from anywhere, making it easy to get back to work, even in case of hardware failure or other issues.

Protect your photos and your business


What is Digital Asset Management (DAM) for legal teams?

Digital Asset Management for legal teams entails organizing, securing, and streamlining digital assets, including contracts, agreements, and legal documents, using a centralized platform to enhance efficiency and data security.

How can Digital Asset Management benefit legal teams?

Digital Asset Management can benefit legal teams by enabling quick access and sharing of files, ensuring data security, facilitating compliance with regulations, and enhancing collaboration among team members.

What types of digital assets can be managed with DAM for legal teams?

DAM for legal teams can manage various digital assets, including contracts, agreements, legal documents, audio files (such as court proceedings or depositions), videos, and photos.

How does DAM improve efficiency for legal teams?

DAM eliminates the need for manual searches by providing quick and easy access to files, saving time and improving workflow efficiency for legal teams.

How does DAM ensure data security for legal documents?

DAM employs security features such as access control and encryption to protect sensitive legal information, ensuring that confidential documents remain secure and protected from data breaches.

How can DAM assist legal teams with compliance?

DAM provides audit trails, version control, and retention policies that help legal teams comply with relevant laws and regulations, ensuring proper storage and management of legal documents.

Does ioMoVo's DAM integrate with existing legal software tools?

Absolutely. ioMoVo's DAM seamlessly integrates with existing legal software tools, such as case management systems or e-discovery platforms, allowing easy access to digital assets within familiar applications.

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