How to Make Data and AI Accessible to All? AI-powered DAM is an Answer!
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How to Make Data and AI Accessible to All? AI-powered DAM is an Answer!

How to Make Data and AI Accessible to All? AI-powered DAM is an Answer!
February 22, 2023

Media and commercial content distribution continues to spread across many industries, and organizations are struggling to stay on top of it all. Lapses in content distribution, archiving, compliance, and repurposing can make the time to market take a direct hit, leading to unwarranted financial and productivity losses. In case your organization faces a similar scenario, you are not alone. As digital formats become increasingly complex, supply chains are becoming more automated, and omni-channel distribution is being impacted globally. 

So, it's time to reconsider your digital asset management approach. As businesses near a "critical mass" of digital material, you must ensure that your digital assets are optimized by effectively managing their content lifecycle. 

There is no doubt that traditional Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions provide marketing teams with the means to store, share, and organize their digital assets - such as their videos, photos, audio, and other files. However, with traditional DAM, many of these processes are carried out manually, which makes sorting and categorizing assets a tedious and time-consuming process. 

Here comes the ioMoVo, your new AI-powered DAM that gives you more control over your media.   

What is AI-Powered Digital Asset Management (DAM)? 

As today's digital landscape is content-driven, a DAM solution should serve as a central hub for media management that supports an organization's efforts. We need to go beyond the basics of metadata, catalogs, and supporting different media formats. Providing smart features turns a digital asset management solution into a dynamic and agile platform. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) plays an important role. 

AI enhances DAM solutions by enabling speed and automation without sacrificing visibility in a content-heavy digital world. Therefore, as an AI-powered DAM, ioMoVo is always:  


One of AI's most significant benefits is its capacity to work fast. The AI in digital asset management like ioMoVo can process data in real-time, enabling dynamic media management. This DAM feature is ideal for businesses who want to give personalized content to their clients to improve their experience and boost sales. 


Many automation methods use artificial intelligence to replace repetitive and manual work. Auto-tagging and automated optimization in ioMoVo are two excellent examples. When you activate auto-tagging, the AI will tag your photographs for you. When you allow automated optimization, the AI will evaluate your content and provide insights.  


One of the most valuable features AI brings to DAM solutions is the ability to efficiently sort, filter, search, and organize data. Many content management systems are simply incapable of organizing large amounts of data. But the AI-powered ioMoVo content management system enables you smart search that ensures you can always find what you're looking for.

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Why is AI Crucial to Data and How Does AI-Powered DAM Work With Your Content?  

As artificial intelligence is still considered a new technology, its applications are frequently challenged because many businesses cannot see how it might benefit them. However, the advantages of AI digital asset management systems are clear.  

Speech-to-text Conversion 

Speech-to-text conversion is one of the most prominent ways AI will redefine DAM. An artificially intelligent software system like ioMoVo transforms spoken words into text via speech-to-text conversion by scanning an audio feed and breaking down what it finds into words. 

This functionality is particularly beneficial in real-world applications when evaluating audio and video data. It speeds up the transcription of audio or video files to text, saving time for marketing and creative teams. This is especially essential in DAM since the extracted text from audio and video files becomes searchable, enabling even faster location by searching with spoken words in audio or video files.  

Facial Recognition 

Face detection gives you the unique ability to instantly recognize and match millions of faces in your collection. Do you need to identify a person or people from a vast collection of photos? The process is more efficient and simplified when AI is involved.

ioMoVo introduces cutting-edge facial recognition technology to DAM. This innovative feature uses biometrics and other deep learning techniques to quickly locate, extract, and identify a person's face in an image. Is there a face in the crowd? Is it tilted, shaded, or perhaps concealed in part? Identifying faces in even the most unusual scenarios is simple with technologies like ioMoVo's facial recognition. 

Automatic Asset Tagging 

A tag is a piece of information linked to a digital asset that frequently categorizes and characterizes the content in some form. Most digital asset management systems enable you to generate an infinite number of tags, which you may use as additional metadata to refine searches and filters, as well as make file sorting easier.  

ioMoVo automates a formerly laborious and time-consuming procedure. In this scenario, the AI system scans photographs, recognizes objects or persons in the images, and tags the images with the necessary keywords.

ioMoVo not only detects faces but also auto-tags each individual in your collection, saving your team even more time and effort. 

One-click Video Transcription and Translation 

In ioMoVo, transcriptions can be readily added by employing AI to transform speech into text. The text is timestamped, ascribed to speakers, and then added to the video's metadata. You can find a video, even if you just remember a portion of what was spoken.

Once your transcriptions are complete, they may be viewed on the ioMoVo player with closed captions or downloaded in text or other formats.

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Invest in ioMoVo - Your New AI-powered DAM & Reinvent Your Content Today! 

If you're still using a traditional digital asset management system that lacks the AI features mentioned, now is the time to evaluate if your organization should switch to a fully functional AI-enabled system.

With ioMoVo's AI-powered DAM platform, your company can manage assets more effectively with less time, effort, and people involved, allowing your team to focus on other essential business projects.

Contact us today to learn more about the ioMoVo DAM application. 

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