7 Reasons Marketers Switch from Traditional DAM to Modern DAM Systems
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7 Reasons Marketers Switch from Traditional DAM to Modern DAM Systems

7 Reasons Marketers Switch from Traditional DAM to Modern DAM Systems
February 22, 2023

Isn't it easy to put your digital assets in the cloud? 

Let's face it, managing your organization's marketing activities is a challenge. A major responsibility of every Marketing Manager is to plan, create, and organize high-quality content to engage their audience. However, when you don't have the right tools to manage your content, managing vast quantities of content can be extremely time-consuming. 

As a result, marketing managers are leaving traditional DAM boxes and implementing advanced and modern Digital Asset Management (DAM) - a great deal to be successful at their wide array of tasks. Here are the top 7 reasons why marketers are moving to Modern DAM across the world.  

1. Access Your Content Any Time 

One of the main reasons a DAM is crucial to marketing is that your content is always available to you. All you need is a smartphone in your pocket and ready to use your content. For example, you can quickly share files with someone outside your organization, approve content that has been ready for your approval, or get notified when new content has been added to your system. 

Having access to your content at all times also means, among other things, that if it isn't in your DAM, it really doesn't exist. Your DAM is the single point of truth for all content in your company.  

Do you find it easy to locate all your marketing files? If you've been managing marketing for some time, you know how important it is to keep accurate records of your marketing materials and assets. When you don't know where your files are or how they have been used, chances are you'll have to repeat work that has already been done, which wastes your time and effort. 

2. One Place for Every Digital Asset, for Everyone

When you work at a small organization, it's easier to gain a general overview of the content creation process and the files available to you and your colleagues, as compared to large ones. This is obvious, and the need for a good management system increases as your team grows. 

This is why you require a digital asset management system to fit that purpose and to make it easier for everyone you work with to find, manage, and store the images, videos, graphics, documents, and presentations they require for their projects. 

3. Integrate All of Your Cloud Storage Platforms

Another good reason for integrating your content with sites where you plan to post is that it will save you time. Most people use a content management system for this purpose, but this is not the best choice.  

If you integrate all other cloud storage with DAM, you will be in full control of your content from one platform. You can also attach images quickly to post, post images on your blog, and label graphics and images with restrictions so that they don't accidentally get published.  

4. Easy to Share Your Materials 

How do you currently share your marketing materials? Are you sending emails, storing files, or sharing Dropbox or Box links? Either way, a solid DAM system allows you to organize content in collections, which can then be shared visually with those who need access. 

Another thing that might work for you is sharing content with others for feedback or approval, sharing with those who create graphics, or asking external designers to upload all the content they've purchased for you, so it's right there in your repository.

If you have spent time trying to get hold of design files or assets used by third-party content creators, then you know how valuable such functionality can be. 

5. Maintain Brand Consistency 

Across all communication channels, brands must maintain their consistency more than ever. There are many ways in which customers engage with a brand, and it is imperative they have a consistent experience wherever they are.  

What's the problem? With all the departments involved with brand communications, ensuring consistency has never been easier.  

Using modern DAM software, companies can ensure that all departments are using the same, the latest versions of assets. Companies can also enforce the use of branding guidelines, templates, and other assets that ensure the brand's image is consistent with its guidelines. 

6. Rich Media Asset Management 

The media asset management feature allows you to manage images, videos, and audio files on both a digital and analog basis. The solution allows organizations to manage rich media assets such as dynamic online ads, mobile apps, and streaming videos. 

You can easily update, store, tag, and run analytics on audio, video, and image files with Digital Asset Management. A sophisticated DAM will also support almost all types of files, including PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs, GIFs, PSDs, FLVs, WebPs, FLIFs, HLS, and documents. 

7. Collaboration 

Digital Asset Management enables teams and users to work together to create assets in an organization by offering collaboration tools. 

DAM implementation not only increases collaboration across groups, but also drives efficiency, enhances cooperation, and increases productivity. Moreover, the feature of collaboration allows your team to work on projects in real time more often. 

Does Your Marketing Team Need a Modern DAM?  

Do you often find it hard to locate things when you know you have them somewhere? What about your brand files? Would you like to enhance the appearance of your brand? Do you wish to streamline your marketing and distribution? 

Then it's probably time to add an ioMoVo DAM system to your team. ioMoVo is your go-to storage and media exchange platform that allows you to upload files in many formats. So that you can manage your content in a way that is convenient for you, and your content is stored securely. The ioMoVo platform lets you create, transform, store, and publish your content all on one platform. In essence, it is a way to organize, find, and share brand assets. 

 So, sign up now for free and empower your business.  

To learn more, visit https://iomovo.io/  

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