How Can Chemical Manufacturers Overcome Challenges With Digital Asset Management?
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How Can Chemical Manufacturers Overcome Challenges With Digital Asset Management?

How Can Chemical Manufacturers Overcome Challenges With Digital Asset Management?
February 22, 2023

When you consider the massive volume of digital material that today's leading businesses release daily across many channels and formats, it's easy to see why the traditional Digital Asset Management (DAM) approach to asset storage is no longer sustainable. Files saved on typical servers with long-winded file paths become big productivity vacuums, as employees inevitably lose time crawling through directories to discover what they are looking for. Some content will even get lost forever as it is buried in an endless sea of other content. One of the problems in the chemical industry is determining which content leads to purchases, and which content enhances customer engagement and generates brand ambassadors. So, how can you digitalize and simplify your content marketing in the context of accelerating digital transformation?ioMoVo DAM is the comprehensive solution for all of these issues. ioMoVo is a modern DAM that assists manufacturing teams in discovering and enhancing the value of their content from development to distribution across all channels, with the sole goal of increasing awareness and improving sales.

  1. Major Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry
  2. How are Chemical Manufacturers Able to Overcome Major Challenges With Digital Asset Management Software?
  3. Why Do Chemical Manufacturers Choose to Invest in DAM Solutions?
  4. Conclusion

What are the Major Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry?

  • Creation of engaging content despite the complexity of products or overwhelming validation processes.
  • Poor timely distribution of content across all communication channels, including all of the organization's websites and social media accounts.
  • Anticipate the formats that best match your targets’ habits, and replace the traditional physical visit of the salesperson along with their paper catalog with a virtual relationship. 
  • The ability to develop and produce all of the essential formats for each piece of media, from brochures to Social Media posts to videos.
  • Being stuck in a traditional DAM hierarchy that requires manual naming and tagging of the content yet is somehow still inefficient and ineffective when you need it most. 
  • Collaboration inside organizational departments is not as straightforward and streamlined as it should be. 
  • Organize a relevant communication plan and successful product promotion using platforms that are frequently sluggish, under-optimized, and generally difficult to use. 

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How are Chemical Manufacturers Able to Overcome Major Challenges With Digital Asset Management Software?

1. One Source of Truth for Your Files

Have you ever worked on a team where everyone's files were scattered over many computers or drives or cloud accounts? Isn't it annoying? With several cloud options and a variety of online storage providers, it is not easy to find a single document on a messy desktop. Worse, you have to deal with your coworkers repeatedly choosing the wrong files. Using a secure, centralized cloud-based storage solution can help solve these issues. By organizing data taxonomically, a modern DAM system makes it much easier to locate files using created tags, filters, and other next-level search strategies.

2. Integrate All Your Cloud Storage Platforms

Another advantage is to connect all your cloud platforms in one place with our integration hub so that it saves you time. You will have complete control over ALL your digital assets if you link your other cloud storage accounts with the DAM platform. You can quickly add photos to posts, post images to your blog, and designate graphics and images with defined limitations in order to prevent them from being unintentionally published.

3. Automatic Asset Tagging

A tag or label is data associated with a specific digital asset that categorizes and describes the content in some way, also known as metadata. Most DAM systems allow you to create an unlimited number of meta tags, which you may use as extra information to enhance searching and filters, along with simplified file sorting.ioMoVo automates a formerly time-consuming and arduous process. The AI Engine in this case analyzes photos, identifies items or people in the images, and tags the images with the appropriate keywords. ioMoVo not only recognizes faces but also automatically tags each person in your collection, saving your team even more time and work.

4. One-click Video Transcription and Translation

Text transcriptions can easily be added in ioMoVo by utilizing the available tools to convert speech to text. The text is timestamped, attributed to speakers, and then added to the video's metadata. You can quickly find a video for example, even if you only remember a small portion of what was said. Once you have completed a transcription, you can either view it with closed captions on the ioMoVo player or download it as a text file.

5. Improved Security

One of the most important benefits of AI in ioMoVo’s DAM platform is that it improves data security. By giving an immutable record of all transactions, it weakens existing security systems. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with standard disaster recovery approaches, blockchain and AI can successfully protect data. It would be extremely difficult for an attacker to modify all data blocks at the same time, which leads to significantly enhanced security.

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Why Do Chemical Manufacturers Choose to Invest in DAM Solutions?

digital asset management for chemical industry

There's no denying that DAM systems provide a slew of advantages to firms, particularly those that recognize problems managing and distributing their assets:

  • Instead of spending time compressing assets and sending them via email or a dedicated file transfer service like WeTransfer, large files may be shared much more quickly between teams.
  • Users can locate assets much faster by centralizing and organizing files using unique, identifiable metadata and natural language search.
  • A DAM system allows organizations more control over multiple versions of the same material, ensuring that no outdated assets are used.
  • Outdated assets can be archived to limit broad usage and the increased cost of “hot” storage but still kept safe in case you want to review and update them later.
  • Having all content centralized in one place significantly reduces or eliminates the need to replace misplaced content with duplicates, since it is all stored in one place 
  • Maintaining brand consistency is easier since your employees can scan and identify any content uploaded to the DAM that does not adhere to your brand guidelines

These are just a few of the many reasons why DAMs are increasing in popularity and have become essential tools for companies all around the world. Simply stated, the finest examples excel at what they do.

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Without a doubt, the chemical industry must stay relevant to continue its manufacturing along with selling it successfully through constant multichannel interaction. It is crucial to be able to provide the right information and communicate consistent messages, backed up by the right digital assets. So, a modern DAM solution is a perfect fit. Furthermore, a DAM not only serves one purpose for the chemical industry – efficient, effective management of your digital assets—but also, for teams looking to take control of content production like never before, and reduce their reliance on expensive freelancers or agencies to create assets that could be created in-house with the right tool, the ioMoVo DAM platform goes a long way toward resolving all the issues that teams face daily such as:

  • Asset Management
  • Asset Automation 
  • Better Collaboration 
  • Brand Consistency 
  • Personalized Experience 

So, do you want to improve your asset management capabilities without overspending on things you don't need? To obtain access to advanced media software capabilities, sign up for a free ioMoVo trial. See how we can improve the efficiency of your team's work. To learn more, schedule a demo here.

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