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Key benefits for customers

Bynder x Salesforce Marketing Cloud

It can be challenging to make choices. The sheer volume of possibilities can be overwhelming in a world where we can access everything from the palm of our hands. Thankfully for digital marketers, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has made one choice a no-brainer when building a turbo-charged digital ecosystem⁠—by partnering with Bynder.

This unique integration is an exciting opportunity for brands to place a powerful DAM platform at the center of their tech stack, coupled with an outstanding analytical solution.

Download this integration guide, and you'll:
  1. See how Bynder DAM fuels the Salesforce Marketing Cloud pipeline with the right assets at the right time
  2. Discover how content production bottlenecks are bulldozed by centralizing workflows via Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  3. Uncover how consistency across all channels and touchpoints is protected via synergized assets Bynder's DAM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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