Why are IT & Digital Agencies Implementing Modern Digital Asset Management?
Digital asset management
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Why are IT & Digital Agencies Implementing Modern Digital Asset Management?

Why are IT & Digital Agencies Implementing Modern Digital Asset Management?
February 22, 2023

In an era of constant change, digital agencies have to consistently fervor a creative spark between them and their clients. Whether it's executing time-sensitive campaigns, adapting to technology faster, or staying resourceful and agile to meet clients' growing expectations, they need to set the clock ahead of time.

All in all, traditional digital asset management poses one of the biggest challenges. There is a greater need today for the systematic creation and administration of rich media assets and collaterals, such as images, texts, videos, multimedia content, web content, and more.

What Digital Agencies Need and What Challenges They Face

  • Asset Management: There’s a lack of simple and secure methods of organizing and managing clients' diverse digital and rich media assets.
  • Asset Automation: The fast-paced environment of today requires functions to automate the search, repurposing, and utilization of assets, so campaigns can be executed faster.
  • Better Collaboration: Keeping track of thousands of digital assets and coordinating collaboration among multiple creators is not easy with traditional DAMs.
  • Brand Consistency: Complying with laws, handling copyright issues, and managing versions of digital assets is the biggest challenge.
  • Personalized Experience: Building a personalized and engaging customer experience across different channels by improving workflow and gaining insights may not be possible with old-school software products.

So, what’s the solution? Using a blend of the right digital assets, processes, and technology, deliver breakthrough results quickly for clients and customers.

How Does Modern Digital Asset Management Help You?

Modern Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems like ioMoVo prevent creative professionals from abandoning basic common sense when confronted with too many digital assets and data. It plays a crucial role in increasing digital asset value, increasing operational efficiency and transparency, in addition to boosting overall performance and ROI.

With ioMoVo DAM, you get to:

Streamline Asset Management

  • Enhance teamwork and access to vital resources.
  • Metadata management that is both robust and full of enhanced data.
  • Maintained consistency and brand integrity.
  • Streamlined launches of new marketing programs.
  • Streamlining processes and the creative process gives better control over your brand.
  • For speedier approval, simplify collaboration and share and distribute assets across numerous stakeholders.
  • Ascertain the rights, security, and safety of users.
  • Integrate with different cloud systems like Amazon AWS, Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and much more.

Deliver a Consistent Experience

  • It's easy to identify assets across departments using advanced search options.
  • For brand compliance and legal compliance, manage digital asset lifecycles, permissions, and rights.
  • Automate workflows and save time on file management.
  • To assure correct asset utilization, avoid asset misuse, and duplication, and encourage re-use.
  • Reduce workflow redundancies and speed up the creative and production processes.
  • Simplifying complicated technological requirements allows all types of assets to be readily handled without the need for costly technology.

Boost Creativity and Innovation

  • Automate asset management and tagging to deal with the expanding amount of digital assets.
  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and content automation may all be used to make the material more dynamic.
  • For a better experience, virtual reality and 360° preview capability are available.
  • Facial recognition technology for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Organize photographs into multiple categories like people, places, objects, and more.
  • Increase the prominence of digital asset searches based on location and sentiment.
  • Content localization and publishing on a schedule.

Reduce Cost

  • Save money by combining different technologies and applications.
  • Spend less money on additional resources for various specialties.
  • It's simple to expand and scale without spending a fortune.
  • Provide data on the amount and kind of existing media used.
  • Improve marketing intelligence and ROI measurement.

Manage Global Operations at Scale

  • With seamless access to client-specific libraries, you can quickly create on-brand material for your clients.
  • Receive final, high-resolution material from agency partners like videographers and photographers with ease.

It is unquestionable that brands must always remain relevant in order to sell themselves successfully through constant multichannel interaction. The ability to offer the proper information and communicate consistent messages, backed up by the right digital assets, is critical.

It's also crucial to know what you don't require and whether or not you are paying for it. While a traditional DAM might assist complicated marketing operations, it may also be draining the budget of many marketing teams.

So, do you want to gain superior asset management features without spending too much money on the ones you don't need? Sign up for a free ioMoVo trial to gain access to advanced media software features. See how we can help your teamwork be more efficient. For more details, book a demo here.

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