How to Find the Best Persona-based Digital Assets Management Solution
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How to Find the Best Persona-based Digital Assets Management Solution

How to Find the Best Persona-based Digital Assets Management Solution
February 22, 2023

As your company grows, managing your digital assets may become a daunting task, so many with this issue end up switching to a traditional Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a method for uploading, organizing, storing, and retrieving digital media based on the needs of the company. DAM allows you to access your assets at any time and from any location, and it makes integration quick and simple. This provides the assets with a quicker turnaround time, consistency, agility, control, and flexibility. However, too many DAM vendors fall short of their claims, especially when it comes to being “customer-first.” For example, most companies do not ask for customer feedback, and if they do, it is very passive. Knowing customers' wants and needs can help you improve the customer experience by identifying what you need to change in your offering and/or interface. A persona isn't a magic formula, however, it can help you fill in these gaps and gain a deeper understanding of your customers. Therefore, it is always a good idea to implement some form of a persona-based digital asset management system for your team to provide another valuable decision-making tool.

  1. What is a Persona-based DAM Solution?
  2. Examples of DAM Personas
  3. How is ioMoVo a Persona-based DAM Solution?
  4. How Does Persona-based Digital Asset Management Help Your Brand?
  5. Conclusion

What is a Persona-based Digital Asset Management Solution?

Persona-based services provide hyper-personalized services to end-users. It is essential for today's end-users to receive a seamless and personalized experience with minimal manual intervention. End-users have come to expect customized solutions that meet their specific needs. With an effective hyper-personalization strategy based on personas, users can benefit from a connected digital experience that leads to greater user satisfaction, increased productivity, and technological transformation.

What is a Digital Asset Management Persona?

DAM Persona allows you to upload media to the ioMoVo platform, preview it, modify it, change it, categorize it, connect it to an asset, and relink it. 

What are Some Examples of Digital Asset Management Personas?

1. Cliff – Producer/Documentarian

Cliff and his documentary team work on large video projects with numerous interviews. Keeping track of this content is difficult with their current DAM system. The biggest problem is the manual logging of videos, tagging, and paying for transcripts. Cliff would instead love to use ioMoVo's cloud service to submit files for media analysis, transcripts, and even translations if needed.

2. Pam – Archivist

Pam is in charge of the archive department at her company. Many of the files she handles date back years, and the metadata connected with them is almost useless. Transcripts are not included in most media files. Occasionally, she and her colleagues are asked to locate a specific file, and she is often limited by time and is unable to examine all of the information as thoroughly as she would like. Pam really needs a comprehensive platform like ioMoVo that allows her to upload a file, index it, and save the information for future reference.

Know how archivists benefit from ioMoVo DAM.

3. Elisa – Education Content Specialist

Elisa works for an educational group that makes lots of videos. She will, however, need captioning services, both closed and open captioning, due to accessibility restrictions. Captioning services are an additional cost, and the turnaround time from most affordable vendors is frequently insufficient. Elisa is aware that ioMoVo now offers captioning technology as a subscription, and she is eager to check it out for herself.

Know how educational groups, colleges, and institutes benefit from ioMoVo DAM.

4. Doug – Media Distribution Coordinator

Doug is in charge of his media company's OTT distribution platforms. He is dissatisfied with the metadata descriptive content given by the creators of his program. Doug wants to be able to automate the development of metadata for marketing materials, as well as to caption and translate the result for diverse audiences. As a result, ioMoVo came to his aid, meeting all his requirements.

Know how media and broadcast companies benefit from ioMoVo DAM.

5. Peter – IT Director for a News Media Organization

Peter has an issue. His company has already invested heavily, with both money and resources, in a traditional DAM that maintains hundreds of media assets on-premises and in multiple cloud services on a regular basis. His producers are unconcerned with metadata tagging and entry. They are obsessed with current and dynamic daily news and assume that metadata is someone else's issue. Peter would want to replace his current system and add a layer of metadata management to enable the business to get more value out of its media assets throughout all stages of ingestion, production, and distribution so that ioMoVo can definitely serve the purpose.

How is ioMoVo a Persona-based DAM Solution?

ioMoVo persona-based digital asset management

ioMoVo has developed a persona-based service that follows a five-step process:

  • Discovery — We gain a thorough understanding of the company and delve into the day-to-day activities of the numerous essential players.
  • Describe - We take our understanding and turn it into a persona covering a specific use case or journey.
  • Determine — We determine the set of DAM characteristics that are relevant to the personas.
  • Develop — We map the personalities to our common and unique asset management system.
  • Deliver — We make the newly built persona-based services available to you.

Want to discover a persona-based DAM solution?

Book a call with our team and tell us about your requirements.

How Does Persona-based Digital Asset Management Help Your Brand?

DAM solutions may help personas automate organizational tasks, increasing overall productivity and efficiency. The following points highlight how DAM systems may benefit your company's digital assets:

A Centralized Asset Repository

You can maintain a collection of properly cataloged content that includes information on usage rights, current usage, and context.

Consistent Branding

You can ensure that only authorized users can update access permissions and that relevant and up-to-date versions of digital marketing materials are easily searchable.

High Productivity

Create effective methods for discovering and using digital assets quickly. Publish data on usage and licensing that is both up to current and easy to understand.

Compliance with Licenses and Copyrights

Ensure that the content is accompanied by accurate license and copyright information. When a license expires, automate the deletion of published material.

Accurate, Descriptive, and Consistent Nomenclature

Ensure that digital asset file names are descriptive, accurate, and consistent, and represent how the assets connect to other files in the system.

Tagging of Metadata

Tag digital assets with essential information in the form of metadata, such as the creation date, file name, file type, and file category, to improve organization and searchability.


A digital asset management system's function is critical to a successful digital strategy. Digital asset managers can utilize a DAM system to create a sole source of truth for usage throughout their organization. So, if you’re still using a traditional digital asset management system that lacks the features you need, now is the time to evaluate if your organization should switch to a fully functional AI-enabled DAM system. If you want to try a free trial, start here.

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