How To Do Legal Transcription From Home
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How To Do Legal Transcription From Home

How To Do Legal Transcription From Home
February 22, 2023

Transcription of evidence is an essential component of legal proceedings. Providing evidence in court to clarify important details, legal transcription is beneficial in many ways. Today, most legal agencies, such as law enforcement, use manual transcription services to transcribe evidence and other audio/video recordings, wasting their precious time. Therefore, ioMoVo has introduced automated legal transcription with modern technologies such as artificial intelligence that make transcription easier and more effective.  

What is Legal Transcription and Why Do You Need It?  

Court trascription

Transcribing is the process of converting audio and spoken words into formatted text that can be read afterward so that any legal proceedings can be recorded. Court transcripts include transcriptions of hearings, depositions, testimonies, interrogations, legal briefs, and correspondence.  

In most cases, stenographers or credentialed court reporters transcribe judicial hearings. When there’s no court reporter, meetings are usually recorded in an audio and video format. It takes a long time to listen to and transcribe these files. As a result, a growing number of law firms are turning to automated legal transcribing software.  

Depending on the file size, automated legal transcription AI software transcribes a proceeding from a video or audio file into text in minutes. It delivers accurate, verbatim transcripts of jury decisions, investigations, interrogations, police reports, telephone recordings, witness testimony, and more, thanks to artificial intelligence and natural language processing. 

With access to fully searchable transcripts, you can save time handling court cases. It lets you save time managing court proceedings if you have access to fully searchable transcripts. It allows you to be “in the present” with your client by taking all your notes for you. 


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5 Reasons Why Automated Legal Transcription is Necessary for Law Enforcement 

One of the most important parts of solving the case is having a good legal transcript. The following are the top four reasons to use legal transcription: 

1. Helps Interpret Audio and Video Recordings 

The voice in digital recordings might be distorted, or it's possible that the suspect is speaking in a different language, making it harder to comprehend. It's also possible that any background noise or discussion might provide useful information in the case of a missing person. All of these concerns may be avoided by having a legal transcription. 

2. Streamlines the Flow of Information for Attorneys  

Following the flow of events and expressing the point is much easier with legal transcription. With a legal transcription, a lawyer may spend less time searching for facts and more time bolstering his or her case. 

3. Improves Accessibility and Clarity  

Some critical facts heard during depositions and court proceedings might be difficult to recollect at times. Legal transcriptions include timestamps, which allow for the retrieval of an exact rendition of events. Legal transcripts can also be utilized to locate pertinent information. Having a digital version of the legal transcript eliminates the need to transport bulky files and allows you to view anything from a tablet or smartphone. Legal transcriptions are also useful for persons who have difficulty hearing. 

4. Critical for Appealing 

A court case's conclusion isn't always favorable to one party. Legal transcribing is useful in this situation. When you read over the video transcription again, you may notice some little things that your mind missed the first time you listened to it. Furthermore, during the appeals process, certain jurisdictions require a complete written record. 

5. Saves Time and Resources 

In the current world, technology is assisting in improving the efficiency of the criminal justice system. The ability to transform evidence spoken to written using Artificial Intelligence (AI), allows law enforcement agents to focus on community service rather than administrative tasks. 

Police officers are frequently required to listen to tapes repeatedly, pausing many times at points when they believe the suspect may have provided crucial information. In any case, police officers will have to repeatedly pause, rewind, and listen to evidence, which is time-consuming. Using third-party transcription services exclusively for transcribing might be expensive. So, a legal transcript that is prepared automatically with DAM like ioMoVo saves a significant amount of time that may be used to evaluate situations.  

Automate Legal Transcription Using ioMoVo 

ioMoVo provides a one-stop integrated solution that includes an industry-leading Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) with capabilities like artificial intelligence, metadata management, transcription, and much more. Over 50 languages may be automatically transcribed from audio and video sources. 

Not only that, but you may also quickly navigate to the relevant part of the evidence by typing a term into the search box; making it perfect for busy lawyers and officers. 

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What Can ioMoVo’s Automated Transcription Do for Lawyers? 

Once you start utilizing ioMoVo’s automatic transcribing software, it's easy to become an advocate for it. Here are a few benefits to be aware of before you start.  

1. Readily Accessible 

You may easily access information or an audio recording from any device using legal transcription software. The digital version of the transcript can also be easily shared with other co-workers, judges, and attorneys. It is easier to manage the vast amount of divergent files and transcripts maintained in many locations since all recordings are saved in one central area. 

2. Security 

ioMoVo’s legal transcribing speech-to-text software is very secure and adheres to a number of security standards to keep your data safe. Set permissions and create secure links to ensure that no one sees your files and that the information is kept confidential. 

3. Increase Productivity 

With duties such as examining contracts and paperwork, creating legal documents, researching a case, and so on, attorneys and law firms are constantly short on time. 

Spending your valuable time on non-core duties benefits no one—not your client or your organization. That is why you should utilize the best legal transcribing software such as ioMoVo. It frees up time, so you may concentrate on more important things. 

4. Stay Organized 

Attorneys, law firms, and corporate legal departments all deal with a lot of unstructured data because of their practice and demands. As the amount of data grows, sorting and processing it gets more challenging. 

AI-assisted legal transcribing software allows you to preserve all of your audio interactions in a central location where anybody can save, search, and retrieve key case material, resulting in a more organized and simplified process. This is especially critical if you need to cite transcripts from previous cases in a current case. 

5. Boost ROI 

Legal transcriptions might bring in more money. Using automated transcribing software instead of paying administrative workers to transcribe or evaluate data can save money and time. To put it another way, legal transcribing AI software is proving to be a cost-effective option that many people are adopting. 

Imagine, you're working on a high-profile case and attending court sessions as a plaintiff every day for the past month, hoping that today will be the day you get the ball in your court and the judge will rule in your favor. You discover a minute detail of hidden evidence that offers you an advantage over the other party after several restless nights. Now imagine, you have a transcribing tool that allows you to search certain events and keywords inside evidence, allowing you to identify the essential evidence faster and win the case. This is where ioMoVo's extensive legal transcribing software comes in handy. 

Final Thoughts: Instead of spending hours searching through evidence, use ioMoVo to extract useful insights and locate precise facts and moments within it. So don't wait and win your case today using ioMoVo’s digital asset management platform. Present evidence in court with confidence! Get started here

If you want to learn more about ioMoVo’s AI-assisted DAM solution that provides automated transcription software, contact us and talk with our team

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