Artificial Intelligence– Why Is It Important for Digital Asset Management?
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Artificial Intelligence– Why Is It Important for Digital Asset Management?

Artificial Intelligence– Why Is It Important for Digital Asset Management?
February 22, 2023

In the digital world where content is everywhere, it is visual content that stands out as king. This makes sense, as over 90% of the information stored in the human brain is visual. Visual content may foster a deeper, more emotional connection between businesses and their audience. When creating visual content, businesses must manage their resources and operations effectively. It is also critical to employ the visuals correctly and efficiently. They need to be reliable and high-quality with quick loading on all devices, and offer consumers a premium experience. Organizations may overcome this difficulty by implementing AI-powered digital asset management (DAM) systems into their workflows. This is where ioMoVo DAM's AI Engine can do wonders for your company. Let us begin with understanding some basics before diving into its significance.

  1. What Is AI Engine?
  2. How Does an AI Work in DAM?
  3. What Kind of AI-powered Technologies Does DAM Use?
  4. Why Do You Need AI: The Benefits of AI in DAM
  5. Conclusion

What Is AI Engine?

Data extraction AI

There are several fundamental modules that make up an AI Engine in the ioMoVo DAM solution, including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Sentiment analysis, and Knowledge Representation. These modules work together to gather and process data from a specific digital asset such as a document, photo, or video. Then they provide precise forecasts and insights, read and categorize text, and much more. This helps to achieve individual and corporate objectives including boosting sales, cutting expenses, addressing compliance, and enhancing cybersecurity. The best part is this is all done automatically.

How Does AI Work in DAM?

AI technology in DAM is used to improve system speed, automation, and intelligence. With the least amount of human intervention, AI systems aim to replace those endless labor hours that traditionally relied solely on human intellect. In a perfect world, an AI would be able to carry out all activities requiring thought, learning, and motion using data from many sources. Then, it would examine the data, occasionally utilizing social intelligence and creativity, and provide summarized knowledge representations and insights. Different AI systems will vary in their level of autonomy and capability, but all AI systems must be able to at least gather and evaluate data. In order to properly learn, develop, and incorporate human intelligence patterns, AI systems employ machine learning (ML) techniques. AI systems require massive volumes of data and, as a result, time and training in order to effectively learn continuously. So, if you use an AI-powered DAM solution, you can interpret, analyze, and forecast insights from your photographs, audio, video, and documents with the aid of an AI engine.

What Kind of AI-powered Technology Does DAM Use?

The application of AI in DAM systems has been extremely effective in giving back control to users over large volumes of material. For example, a video cloud add-on called AI Engine in ioMoVo DAM enables user access to cutting-edge media services including video indexing, translation, transcription, and captioning. You have the ability to influence how your clients see videos by providing the appropriate context. Other benefits of AI include enhanced navigation, greater engagement, and increased video views. The primary AI technologies and major features that enable today's dynamic ioMoVo DAM system are discussed here:

1. Audio/Video Indexing Module

No time to watch the complete video to identify its content, location, and subject? Use the ioMoVo video indexer to automatically unlock all those video insights and more. These insights are automatically tagged to the video to aid in discoverability and ioMoVo’s natural language search. Key application areas include:

  • Natural Language Processing: NLP can classify and analyze text far more accurately and quickly than even humans. The AI Engine of ioMoVo allows for all types of text analysis, from entity extraction to sentiment analysis, and is extremely straightforward and user-friendly. It helps you with:
  • Text Classification: Automatically label your videos by using ioMoVo’s NLP. The text classification feature can automatically analyze text from your video/audio, and then assign a set of predefined tags or categories based on its context, and you can easily edit these tags to further train the AI increasing future accuracy.
  • Text Moderation: Automatically find inappropriate words in any text. ioMoVo’s AI Engine classifies, filters, and redacts inappropriate, obscene, racist, unsuitable, sensitive, and offensive content in text, image, and video data instantly. Users have full control over the level of moderation.
  • Optical Character Recognition: Securely capture, categorize, and extract unseen and unstructured documents into structured data within seconds. OCR helps you with fast text recognition and data extraction from video, audio, or any other file format.
  • Named Entity Recognition: Easily identify and categorize elements in text into specific categories, such as names of people, organizations, and locations from images, videos, or any other type of file.
  • Video Analyzer: AI-powered Video Analyzer extracts actionable insights from stored videos using video analytics. Improve your ad insertion, digital asset management, and media library by analyzing audio and video content - without training or machine learning expertise.
  • Facial Recognition: Identify, detect, and analyze faces in images and videos and perform a split-second search for an unlimited number of faces. This enhances the accuracy of your media infrastructure with robust algorithms for video processing.
  • Voice Recognition: No more typing on the keyboard. Use ioMoVo to convert speech into text accurately using a specialized AI module with dedicated voice technology. By interpreting dictation, computers can understand and execute spoken commands into text for search and much more.
  • Content Recognition: Analyze and identify streaming content, down to individual objects on a video, without having to manually index documents or files.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Creating unrivaled interactive videos? Analyze and identify emotions of detected faces, tone of voice, spoken content, and even background. Advanced sentiment analysis couples with additional technology layers to provide you with the most complete context for unlimited use cases.

2. Auto-generated Metadata and Tagging

Rich AI-generated metadata and tags can help you unlock the value of your assets. Enhance asset discovery and classification with AI-powered automated metadata creation. Enable smart searches based on things, people, color, feelings, and even demographics using simple natural language.

  • Categorization: Enable automatic picture and video categorization, which lets you represent your content as effectively as possible and improve discoverability.
  • Subject Recognition: Automatically categorize your audio and video by identifying the different subjects present in the file, such as people, animals, birds, etc.
  • Scene Recognition: Automatically identify the apparent location and scenery in an image or video, e.g., on a snowy mountain, indoors in a kitchen, or outdoors in a garden. Richer scene detection further enhances discoverability and enables limitless use cases.
  • Auto-tagging: Automate your image tagging process and enrich images and videos with contextual tags to foster image discovery.
  • Title Tags: It enables the automatic assignment of relevant tags or keywords to vast collections of images and videos.
  • Description: Get fluent and natural descriptions of images and videos for accessibility, media retrieval, and clustering purposes.
  • Built-in Meta Editor: With a single AI platform, you can edit or delete meta tags, descriptions, and categories according to your needs and set up workflows.  This helps further train the AI algorithms for enhanced accuracy. 
  • Edit/Delete Categories: You can either edit or delete categories in place or perform a search and replace operation on selected fields for any image, video, or any other file type.
  • Edit/Delete Description: Perform changes to the existing description, write a brand-new one with the precise specifications you want, or completely delete it.
  • Edit/Delete Tags: Create a new auto-tag with the exact parameters you need, update an existing configuration of an auto-tag, or delete the tag as you want.
  • Share/Review/Comment: Once the tags, descriptions, and categories are created, you may share them with your contacts or colleagues and, if required, collect feedback and comments (yes, there are even emojis).
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3. Automated Translation

Use AI and the newest translation engines to obtain accurate multi-language translations in a few clicks.

  • Translate into More Than 60 Languages: Translate hundreds of thousands of words per second to more than 60 languages and save hours of time.
  • Built-in Translate Editor: Need to customize your translation or make corrections? No worries, you can create workflows and modify or remove translation using a single AI platform, depending on your needs.
  • Edit/Delete Translation: Edit translations yourself, invite colleagues, and improve the quality. ioMoVo's AI engine learns from all edits and applies them to similar content, so the quality of your automatic translations improves with every iteration.
  • Supported APIs: Our worldwide integration partners collaborate with you on an ongoing basis in accordance with your organizational needs, like:
  • Google Translate
  • MS Azure Translate
  • AWS Translate

4. Automated Transcription

ioMoVo makes transcribing audio and video files quick, simple, and secure. No complicated workflows, no human intervention, no tricks. Just reliable, quick, and secure automatic transcription.

  • Speech to Text Recognition: Quickly and accurately transcribe speech or audio to text in more than 100 languages and dialect variants.
  • Speaker Identification: ioMoVo’s power of voice biometrics recognizes a speaker automatically and with high accuracy based on their voice. Given that the system is linguistically neutral, it leverages deep neural networks for even better performance and can identify speakers of any language.
  • Audio to Text Converter: Looking for a simple and quick way to create transcripts of your voice-overs, podcasts, or meetings? With the help of the available audio-to-text converter from ioMoVo, you can quickly and simply create transcripts of your audio recordings and chats.
  • Transcribe MP3 to Text: Convert your MP3 podcasts into blog entries, meetings into transcripts, YouTube videos into descriptions, or use it for any other purpose you can think of.
  • Transcribe WAV to Text: Online WAV to text conversion is simple; all you need to do is upload the file and click the "transcribe" button. With an accuracy rate of 90%–95%, our potent AI algorithms quickly convert your WAV files to text.
  • Video To Text Converter: Video to text conversion can be used to produce subtitles or a transcript. ioMoVo uses ASR (automatic speech recognition) technology to convert voice to text automatically. As no tool is perfect especially when subject speech quality varies, you can alter the outcome yourself using our online editor. Our tool speeds up the translation of video to text by up to 10 times, eliminating the need for manual labor. 
  • Transcribe MP4 to Text: Are you looking to create automatic transcriptions of your MP4 files? Using ioMoVo’s AI engine, it is incredibly easy to transcribe MP4 to text, so your content can stretch further, be more purposeful, and allow you to engage with a wider, global audience.
  • Transcribe AVI to Text: Easily transcribe your media with our AVI to text converter. Then go beyond transcription and get a powerful AI analysis of keywords, entities, and sentiment in your media.
  • Transcribe MOV to Text: MOV files incorporate audio, visual, and animated components, making transcription or subtitling a challenge. But don't worry, with our MOV to text converter's AI engine, you can quickly and simply transcribe your media.
  • Built-in Transcript Editor: Customize transcripts to enhance accuracy for domain-specific terminology. Get more value from spoken audio by enabling search or analytics on transcribed text or facilitating action. 
  • Edit/Delete Within Transcript: Proofread and edit the automatically created transcripts using our intuitive and easy-to-use text editor. ioMoVo has a very high accuracy rate, but if there are some words that need to be fixed, you can easily fix them.
  • Search and Replace: This enables you to search for any text on the transcript and replace it with another piece of text. When incorrect information has been submitted on a form or if you need to add anything else, it can be updated quickly.
  • Supported APIs: Depending on your organizational needs, our global integration partners work with you continuously. You can immediately come up with a superior solution in ioMoVo DAM with:
  • Google Transcription
  • Ms Azure Transcription
  • AWS Transcription
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5. Burn Captions and Subtitles

Videos with captions receive substantially more attention than ones without. They cater to viewers who do not speak the same language in the video, may be disabled, or the video is broadcast in an environment where sound is difficult to broadcast. A textual description of what is happening in a video is included in captions together with the use of subtitles. Therefore, ioMoVo enables you to immediately burn subtitles into the video so that they show up on any platform where the video is uploaded. The subtitle editor on ioMoVo works with videos in a range of file types and sizes.

  • Add Captions to Your Videos: Create subtitles for YouTube videos, Instagram, Facebook, and other videos automatically. Use the speech-to-text converter on ioMoVo to add subtitles to web videos. With ioMoVo, all it takes is a single button click to instantly get subtitles. Simply click on the text and begin typing to make the modifications you need. Watch the changes you make as they take place.
  • Closed Captions: Add closed captions to allow the viewer to switch it on and off, as much as subtitles can.
  • Open Captions: Add open captions to your videos that cannot be turned off as they are embedded in the video.
  • More than 100 Languages Supported: We don't limit you! Choose a language from a selection of more than 100 options, then burn the subtitles to the videos you've selected and make the videos more accessible.     
  • Built-in Caption Editor: Make subtitles your own to improve word accuracy for certain domains. Increase the value of spoken audio by providing search, analytics, or action on the transcribed text.
  • Edit/Delete Captions: Use our intuitive and straightforward text editor to alter and proofread the captions that were generated automatically. Even while ioMoVo has a very high accuracy rate, you may still correct any errors in a very simple manner.
  • Watch/Download/Share: Watch, download, and share your subtitled video on social media or with your collaborators.
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Why You Need AI: The Benefits of AI in DAM

Businesses that use AI-based DAM solutions can profit from the following advantages:

1. Automate Manual Processes

Good news! All that nonsense of manual tagging is no more. Hopefully, the possibility of AI automating this time-consuming and laborious procedure has piqued your interest. In order to make developed content easily available and discoverable for users, tagging typically requires hours of administrative labor. AI and ML can instead automatically tag items based on categories like color, object, and language. However, it may also be tailored to meet the needs of specific projects, organizations, or individuals. This can free up your team's actual expertise by taking over monotonous chores and allowing them to perform tasks with greater impact. Furthermore, since auto-tagging doesn't require training, the AI cuts down on the amount of time needed for internal DAM system use.

2. Get a Competitive Advantage

Having an AI-powered DAM allows organizations and brands to deliver a level of customer care that their rivals cannot. In reality, a DAM powered by AI offers several advantages that blow away the competition. One of those advantages is speed. AI can help DAMs operate quickly and interpret data in real time, enabling possibilities for dynamic media management. Even offering users customized content is another possibility for businesses. Intelligence is an additional advantage. It gives you the ability to easily sort, filter, search, and organize. Many systems, such as a CMS, are unable to organize huge volumes of material efficiently. However, using AI-based intelligent search can ensure that you can always obtain the right content at the right moment, keeping you at the top of the competition.

3. Empower Delivery

AI allows your DAM to act more intelligently. However, it also makes it possible for your DAM to be scalable and prepared to handle omnichannel content delivery across all your platforms and apps, throughout the whole enterprise. With the use of automated tools, you could even be able to manage customer contacts, schedule CMS postings, delete information that is no longer relevant or outdated, and even hold content for product embargoes and restrictions. In addition, AI-powered DAM may assist you with:

  • Better control over digital assets owing to the AI engine's intelligent information extraction.
  • Using speech recognition technology, audio and video data may be searched for using natural language search.
  • Intelligent content recommendations supported by AI.
  • Relevant product keywords account for a wide range of speech nuances for clients that come from diverse backgrounds and geo-locations.
  • When AI engines evaluate accurate data, they transform this data into useful information that offers in-depth customer insights that can enable predictive analytics.

AI-powered DAM systems provide users with a deeper understanding of their digital assets. They can eliminate hours of tedious digital document preparation, transformation, and labeling. Additionally, ongoing advancements like computer vision can be leveraged immediately to increase the productivity of AI-based applications and automate additional digital asset management procedures.


Hours of human labor spent organizing, distributing, and occasionally altering media content are eliminated by a DAM with AI. Increased automation of digital asset management operations is now possible because of improvements in computer vision and natural language processing (NLP). So, try AI Engine of ioMoVo today and leverage all the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to your business. You can use a free trial for 30 days and then upgrade to a premium subscription to maintain your position in the market effectively.

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