Modern Cloud Storage is Here, Beyond Regular DAM: Let's Be Friends
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Modern Cloud Storage is Here, Beyond Regular DAM: Let's Be Friends

Modern Cloud Storage is Here, Beyond Regular DAM: Let's Be Friends
February 22, 2023

Visiting your colleague's desk for a question is no longer an option in our current pandemic, as more and more companies are opting to work remotely. As a result, teams are rethinking their processes and the technologies they use to help them work more efficiently. 

Many brands utilize cloud storage technologies like Dropbox, SharePoint, and OneDrive to organize, manage, and share their content. While these tools can help businesses get started with their content management strategy, many brands quickly outgrow their capabilities, further exacerbated by the current remote working environment. 

This is where DAM comes into play.

In many ways, cloud storage and digital asset management (DAM) operate similarly, but by understanding the differences, you can decide which is the best option for your organization. 

What are Regular Cloud Storage Tools? 

Users can store, share, and sync data using cloud storage tools instead of external hard drives or servers. The free and paid subscription levels make these storage and file-sharing tools appealing to a wide range of budgets.  

As businesses start to have trouble managing content, they often turn to cloud storage tools since they are easy to use. When teams and content grow, these tools frequently become unworkable. The business world requires something with more robust functionality to support brand consistency across teams, vendors, channels, and the globe.  

What is ioMoVo's DAM Solution?


ioMoVo is your central platform for sharing, storing, and exchanging media. Using a single platform, you can create, transform, store, and publish your content. This is a type of digital asset management that allows you to organize, find, and share brand assets. We call it the next evolution of digital asset management. With ioMoVo, you will get a unique experience and help make your life a lot easier.  

With ioMoVoR, users can integrate with many of the most popular cloud storage options available today, such as Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, and even Amazon S3. ioMoVoS offers advanced media services such as cognitive video indexing, which lets the metadata from your video be automatically extracted and then tagged.

How is ioMoVo's DAM Different?

DAM tools offer some of the same features as cloud storage solutions, including easy access because they are hosted on the cloud. However, they offer many more features that truly differentiate them, such as:  

  • Scalability

Teams need solutions that can grow with them. Using a DAM solution, businesses can store thousands to hundreds of thousands of assets in their system and still retrieve what they are looking for within seconds.

  • Control

A system that allows organizations to have complete control over all the assets that represent their brand gives them the power to communicate more effectively. DAM systems offer advanced administrative functionality that allows an administrator to control what users can see, share, download, and use. Users have access to assets based on user permission with access expiration dates.

  • Data

For any marketer, understanding how, why, and where your content is being used is crucial. Analytics from DAM systems provide insights into logins, downloads, shares, views, and location tracking, allowing insights into login, download, share, view, and asset behavior. This data aids marketers in understanding what is and is not working, providing them with the analytics they need to optimize their content.

  • User Adoption

People only benefit from a tool when they use it. An essential part of DAM platforms is assisting users in engaging with and acclimating to the tool. With dashboard elements, strategic naming, and branded experiences, systems can be tailored to reflect a company's brand. A brand-consistent solution helps create a stronger bond with users and helps expand consistency across all projects and channels.

Regular DAM vs. ioMoVo's DAM: A Complete Comparison


Regular DAM

ioMoVo DAM Solution

File uploads and downloads


Version control

Limited capabilities


Share, link, and distribute options

Limited capabilities

Permission capabilities  

Advanced security structures

Multi-asset distribution, sharing, and downloading

Unique asset identifiers

Multi-format support for files

Limited capabilities

Content lifecycle workflow capabilities

Metadata and taxonomy customization

Advanced search capabilities based on metadata

Video caption burning, translation, transcribing, distribution

Measurement tools for content, including engagement, access location, and usage data

Which System is Right for You?

It is easy to see that regular cloud storage software and ioMoVo DAM solutions offer many of the same features, including 24/7 remote access, centralized storage, and unlimited storage. ioMoVo DAM solutions extend far beyond the role of a content library by using content analytics, enabling organizations to distribute content across channels, automate workflows, and evolve their brand stories.  

Interested in empowering your team with such advanced DAM solutions? Sign up today and leverage all the benefits it provides. For more details, visit us at https://iomovo.io/

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