How Video Transcription Software Simplifies Your Life
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How Video Transcription Software Simplifies Your Life

How Video Transcription Software Simplifies Your Life
February 22, 2023

Storytelling with video is becoming increasingly important for brands. Every day, 30 million users watch nearly 5 billion videos on YouTube alone.

This statistic might cause video creators and marketers to overlook text-based content. Do not rush making a decision though: A well-thought-out video SEO strategy can really broaden your viewership and put you on par with your competitors. What is video SEO? You can add visual content and on-page text together with audio-to-text transcription.

So, while everyone is focusing on video marketing, you must make a smart choice before you hit the upload button and transcribe your videos with the best video transcription software.

What is Video Transcription?

Video transcription is the process of converting speech in a video to text. You can do this with automated speech recognition technology, with a human transcriptionist, or by combining both technologies. Transcribing can also be applied to any audio recording, calls, call center recordings, etc.

As visual brand assets are increasingly being created, a robust digital asset management platform with video features is needed. That's why ioMoVo has launched an improved video transcription functionality that will simplify your life.

If you're not sure about video transcription software, explore how it may help your company's video strategy.

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Why Do You Need Advanced Video Transcription Software?

1. Access to Those Who Are Hard of Hearing

Employees who are deaf or hard of hearing can get the same information as their colleagues by having each video transcribed. It provides them with the same resources and opportunities to succeed at work. Your company assures to accommodate everyone.

2. Improved Comprehension

Some employees and individuals may struggle with auditory processing. A person's capacity to understand what is being said might be hampered by cognitive problems such as ADHD, autism, or learning impairments.

Also, persons whose first language is not English will benefit from a transcribed video from the company where they want to work. They can read the transcript and underline the information that is relevant to the work at hand.

3. Busy Employees Provided with Information

Some employees may be unable to attend every Zoom meeting due to the fact that they are responsible for children at school, are on the go, or live in a shared environment.

Transcribing the meeting recordings offers all the information that this personnel wants. Instead of waiting for a Minutes Memo to be mailed to them after the meeting, they may read the full meeting and absorb all that was stated. It saves time, eliminates the excuse of being absent, and works around the employee's schedule.

4. Improved Searches and User Interactions

Transcripts will get you where you want to go if your organization wants to use video to boost sales and engagement. Google, for example, can search the transcript text for terms used in your video.

Adding interactive transcripts to this approach improves it much further. This function allows viewers to read along with the video, go to keyword spots in the film, and skip around depending on the information they want.

5. Facilitate Distribution and Dissemination

Transcription can help you in distributing written content from interviews, speeches, testimonies, and more. It is simpler to distribute this data via text materials, pamphlets, or notes rather than audiovisual files. Transcription companies, for example, routinely record academic conversations, political speeches, and trial testimony.

6. Reach New Audiences

The transcription, or audio captions, will help you broaden your reach if you improve the user experience and transcribe audio to text. This isn't only because of the SEO and social media boost!

Subtitles can also help you view more videos. Because subtitles are more effective at grabbing and holding your audience's attention.

Transcriptions make life easier for everyone, and live caption software such as ioMoVo makes life easier for you.

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What are the Capabilities of ioMoVo’s Video Transcription Feature?

Automated Transcription

Automatically transcribe multiple evidence files and translate them into 100 languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Farsi, Russian, Turkish, English, and many more.

Search Within Evidence

Search and click on a keyword in the transcript to instantly jump to that point in audio or video without having to go through the entire file.

Low-cost Strategy

Creating audio-to-text transcripts may sound like a chore, but it’s a low-cost task with a huge payoff. Transcribing audio to text is an even more cost-effective digital strategy with the AI Engine add-on. With this, you can easily transcribe your files anytime.

How Does ioMoVo’s Video Transcription Feature Work?

Using our comprehensive transcribing services is simple and quick.

Simply Upload

Upload your file with complete peace of mind. You can simply upload via our website through,

  • Web
  • Mobile

Select Transcribe Option

Choose your transcription option and one of the languages for which you'd need a transcription.

AI Comes Into Play

AI automatically transcribes multiple evidence files and translates them into 50+ languages.

Receive Your Transcripts

You will be sent a secure link to get your precise, on-time transcripts in the format you want.

At the end of the day, it's critical to fully comprehend the process of converting audio to text. With the assistance of a competent provider, you will undoubtedly see an increase in SEO, new audience reach, and competitive advantage. As a result, adding an audio transcription to your video is a no-brainer. Take advantage of this opportunity immediately and let ioMoVo assist you with your audio-to-text transcribing requirements.

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